NBMC Compassionate Care Outreach Services (CCOS)

"Lending a Hand and Changing Lives"



NBMC Compassionate Care Outreach Services (CCOS) is a nonprofit community outreach service formed August of 2016. The outreach service was created to help the elderly, people with disability, and injured Veteran find the necessary equipment and assistance needed to maintain safe and independent within their homes, while also helping home health care agencies decrease incidents and the high cost of worker compensation which increases revenue.

CCOS understands the multidisciplinary nature of home health challenges of reaching goals. Home health quality measures differ from those found under a more traditional hospital setting. Moreover, CMS mandates any home health affiliated with Medicare and Medicaid provide ‘Outcome-Based Quality Monitoring (OBQM)'. Program monitoring, reports and benchmarks adverse events such as emergent care for an injury caused falls, increased number of pressure ulcers and substantial decline in three or more activities of daily living.

Core Competencies: Helps the aged, people with disabilities and injured Veteran who finds the necessary medical equipment needed to stay as independent as possible.